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Applied Behaviour Analysis
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ABA is effective

With more than 50 years of global research, Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) has become the most widely recognized and scientifically proven treatment for Autism. 

Every year more and more treatments are declared as being effective in the treatment of Autism, yet most of these treatments lack scientific rigor and testing to provide evidence of their outcomes. ABA is the only approach that has the most extensive research and been scientifically proven to be effective for children with Autism.

Child Behaviour Consultants has its own style of ABA that is not-protocol based. We implement a very flexible style of teaching that allows staff to make adjustments in the moment and make critical teaching decisions to maximize progress. 

We use the most up to date teaching styles and programs. This ensures that we are able to cover a number of different learning areas with the most advanced techniques which in return enables our clients to learn at a faster pace.  At Child Behaviour Consultants we ensure that every child has the 'best outcome' with our early intervention program.

ABA provides promising treatment results: 

Two recent studies have shown the following outcomes:


A new study that was conducted by (Leaf, Taubman et al) has provided strong evidence on how effective Applied Behaviour Analysis can help a child with Autism. 

The study proved that quality intensive Behavioural Intervention, adopted alone can yield the best treatment outcomes which include the following criteria:

- No longer have the diagnosis of ASD

- Become indistinguishable from peers

- With an IQ 85 or higher

- Complete mainstream grade school work with little or no support. 

(Leaf, R., Taubman, R., McEachin, J., Leaf, J., & Tsuji, K. (2011) A program description of a community-based intensive Behavioural intervention program for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Education and Treatment of children, Vol 34, No.2, May 2011, 259-284)

In another article by Howard, et al, it concludes that ABA needs to be Intensive and consistent. Its has been scientifically proven that ABA makes the most treatment gains in ALL developmental areas than any other treatment. While the method of treatment matters, it also requires the correct number of committed hours as this also affects the treatment outcomes. 

Howard, et al (2005) conducted a 14 month study and looked at three treatment groups. The results showed that children in the ABA group made more gains in all areas than both the other groups added together. This was an important finding as it is often cited that only the number of  hours you commit to ABA matters, but research has shown that the type of treatment you choose also affects the treatment outcome significantly. 

The attachment shows the outcomes from the 3 different groups: 

1) The 30 hours of ABA is weekly intensive therapy. Indicating that the child only received ABA during the course of the week.

2) Intensive multi-treatment consisted of the child receiving ABA, TEACCH, OT, Speech  and small group programs. 

3) Low intensity multi-treatment (15 hours weekly community-based group and occasional speech therapy and occupational therapy)

Please view the graph below:

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