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Our Staff

The founder of Child Behaviour Consultants is Juliet Newberry. She has studied extensively through the United States and United Kingdom with the most world-renowned authorities in the treatment of Autism. Juliet is registered with the Behavior Analyst board in the USA, making her one of three qualified BCBA's in South Africa to deliver quality ABA treatment programs. 

Juliet ensure that all clients receive the highest quality standard programs and interventions. She also continues to provide consultations to schools and families not only nationally but internationally as well. 

Our ABA teams

Our team of consultants are comprised of Master degree holders, under graduate holders and under grad students as well as diploma holders. 

Our supervisors have many years of experience in planning and implementing ABA intensive behavioural treatments. They guide and supervise all the tutors on the floor to ensure that the best teaching is given to the students all the time. 

All tutors receive hands on training as well as training from international companies in the US. All tutors work towards their certifictes in level 1, 2 and 3 of ABA training. 

Juliet Newberry, MSc, BCBA

Clinical Director 

John Baker, 

Head Teacher

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