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Getting started with our ABA programs and services
Free Consultation

If you suspect you child may have ASD or you have received a diagnosis from a medical Doctor, the first step is to talk to us about your concerns. We offer a free consultation to find out more about your child's development and your current concerns. Based on the discussion, our consultants will be able to offer you their best clinical suggestions on the next steps as well as to answer any questions you may have. 

Enrollment process

Step 1: First free consultation with parents:

            We will answer all your questions.

            We will explain our different services and programs available. 

Step 2:Informal observation with your child:

           This is an hour long and during that time we will closely observe your child which will help us to determine therapy intensity

           as well as to identify goals and the direction of the program. 


Step 3: Confirming services:

             Parents will be required to send through filled in contracts and forms. We will then confirm session timetables and

             schedule first clinical meeting.


Step 4: Beginning your service:

            Meet with the main Supervisor and attend the first ABA therapy session.



Extra ABA therapy

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