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Remedial Academic Intervention

What makes our approach different to other remedial settings:

We offer a Unique Model with Proven Results

At Newberry Park we have found a way to make all children feel like equal participants in the classroom experience. This is achieved by ensuring every student receives an individualized learning plan to maximise their individual academic success. All children follow a specific grade level program from Camrbidge International, we then pair the curriuculum goals with our data driven programs using precision teaching as well as consistent weekly assessments to identify underlying problems. Our precision teaching programs ensures that the child is not only mastering the necessary content for the understanding of the next section, but it ensures that the child is able to fluently complete the tasks in generalised settings. 

For the students who need it, we offer an embedded individual structured ABA therapy under the oversight of in-classroom Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) – all integrated into the classroom experience. These ABA programs will focus on the increasing of communication and language development required for CAPS model.  


Our Mission at Newberry Park is to transform children's educational experiences at school, through small daily achievable moments that, that create a sense of positive self-esteem and a respected work ethic.  Newberry Parks team of staff are there to welcome students every morning and see them off each afternoon because we know the power of a 'positive' school day. We give students a safe and warm foundation from which to spring out and challenge themselves, to test and stretch their limits, to exceed expectations. 

What makes our model UNIQUE is that we believe every small moment is achieved through intensive and exhaustive planning and preparation by our staff. Our staff meet on a weekly basis to evaluate and assess children programs and process. We want to ensure that all children are welcomed as equal participants in the classroom and encouraged as members of their peer group. 

Teachers engage students in lessons that are either created from scratch or adapted from a curriculum to be both accessible and meaningful. Teachers measure progress in an individualized manner so that every students performance is given worthwhile context in their overall progress as a learner based upon their abilities. In this way students with Autism, anxiety, ADHD, learning disabilities or students with no diagnosis at all can participate together in the classroom. We ensure that students become active participants with their peers.

Newberry Park has 4 levels of tuition depending on the needs of the child based on assessment and testing by the teaching team.


Level 1:This student is at current grade level and requires little additional support in either larger or small group environments. These are the students who are ready to be integrated back into a remedial or mainstream environment. 


Level 2:Students who finds success within most larger and small group environments, however they require additional support to participate meaningfully within these groups. Either academically, social or behaviour deficits impact their participation.


Level 3:Student can be successful is small and large instructional groups. However they require significant additional supports to address the core deficits in academic, social, communication and behavioural skill areas.

Level 4:This student requires a full-time paraprofessional to monitor progress and deliver instruction on a variety of academic, social, communication and behavioural goals through their outlined treatment plans. 


Vocational Program

Our vocational program ensures that children become active parts of their community. Our aim is to provide our students every opportunity and resources we have to improve the quality of their life, now and in the future. We offer carefully planned and systematic programs for students to participate in order for them to develop their talents and strengths and be fully included in a rich school life. Our curriculum emphasises the training of basic work skills and development of good work habits, a positive work attitude and an understanding of one's rights and obligations in work situations. Skills we focus on include:

- Interviews

- coworker relations

- workplace safety

- Fixed activity skills

- Laundry

- Office skills

And many more ..........


Community training is an integral part of our curriculum, we supplement teaching in monthly outings so that students can learn about the social skills through different channels in different environments. 

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